Barcelona, engine of Catalonia's social and economic progress

What is Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu?

Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu (BCFE – European Finance Centre, Barcelona) is an association set up in 1991 by companies in the financial sector and local government bodies in order to promote Barcelona as an international financial platform. The aim is to foment the social and economic progress of Catalonia by developing its own financial structures, promoting new products and reinforcing institutions that are active in the city’s economic landscape.

Disseminating and promoting the city's economic activity, coordinating its business and financial activities and honing the efficiency of the finance centre's operators are some of its basic objectives.

The main activities of the BCFE include:

The organisation of lectures, conferences and debates and the drawing up of documents that show clearly the deficiencies and needs of Barcelona and Catalonia in the business and financial world and that strengthen training in the financial sector, in order to provide specialist staff for businesses located in Barcelona or in process of moving there.