Barcelona, engine of Catalonia's social and economic progress

What are its objectives?

The main objective of the association Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu is to promote Barcelona as the service centre for the business network of South-west Europe.

To achieve this objective, the activities of the association are aiming at the creation of a strong regional market, which will be achieved by:

Increasing and diversifying Catalan economic activity and the use of its infrastructures, with the appearance of new finance businesses that meet the specific requirements of Catalan business and specialise in them.

Expanding the business of the financial entities established in Catalonia as a result of the increase in trading volume in the city.

Offering better financing conditions, increasing the financing on offer.

Strengthening the position of Barcelona in the financial system and in Community Stock Markets, by consolidating and expanding the present and future work of the Barcelona Stock Exchange.

In short, Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu bets on the coming reordering of the business fabric around the macroregion shaped by Barcelona, which will coordinate the business operations of companies that are not at the top of European lists, even though they are quoted on continuous Stock Markets or, even though they are not quoted, are sufficiently big to be quoted.

The negotiation of common directives, the drawing up of agreements with technology partners, coordination with other spaces and promotion of companies and operators are some of the activities that need to be pursued if we are to achieve these aims.